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Welcome to Practical Promotions

Practical Promotions manufactures and distributes amazing and unique outdoor advertising designed to increase traffic to your retail store or dealership. Our giant inflatable gorillas, inflatable sofas and chairs, inflatable tents, AirDancers™, TornadoTubes™, helium blimps and balloons, arrow signs, inflatable logos and mascots, as well as changeable banners and searchlights, the world’s best at the lowest prices, are designed to increase your sales and brand visibility for your next holiday promotion, grand opening, trade show, or special event.

Our lowest priced advertising inflatables and promotional products are perfect for those who are looking for a home-based business opportunity.
For our too-low-to-publish pricing and a personal evaluation of your company's needs, please call today.

Our Featured Products!

Inflatable Couch
Inflatable Couch

Inflatable Tent
Inflatable Tent

Inflatable Pumpkin
Inflatable Pumpkin

Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Chair

Inflatable MattressMan™
Inflatable MattressMan™

Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Chair

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